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Portugal Apr 20 - Apr 25
México May 11 - May 17

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Why our 6-day retreats?



A Soul Medicine Retreat with Adeyemi is a transformative journey to access and amplify your soul's highest frequency using ancient soul and plant medicine techniques. Designed for those seeking profound liberation from past limitations and an empowered flow towards the future, our retreats provide a unique, immersive experience. Here, you'll embark on a path of deep healing and awakening, unlocking new dimensions of your being and paving the way for a life aligned with your truest desires and potential.

This is the place to be.


What to expect?

Soul Cleanse

Release all energetic blocks preventing you from fully activating your desired life. By cleaning your soul connection you'll access your divine power.


Transform your deepest blockages and step into the most profound connection to love and eternal transformation you've ever experienced.


Master channeling your highest vibration and navigating the Quantum field with newfound agility that will propel you toward a life of fulfilment and abundance.

Our retreats are perfect for you if...

You are on the verge of transformation 
Ready to overcome your energetic blocks for a thriving life.

You aim to unleash your inner power
Prepared to unlock your soul's immense potential.

You are ready for a breakthrough
Seeking energetic, spiritual, and physical advancements.

 You desire to manifest your dream life 
Committed to create your dream relationships, career and life through deep soul exploration like never before.


I'm ready to join!

Process to join our retreats

Book a FREE consultation

Schedule a free consultation at a time
that suits you.

Personal call with Adeyemi

A 15-min call to ensure your readiness for this transformative journey.

Alignment call with Healer

To ensure energetic alignment on your journey.

Intention work

A month prior we identify 
your core intention for transformation to maximise efficacy.

All our retreats include...

Exclusive Mentorship: Spend five transformative nights with Adeyemi, a high-level soul coach, to manifest your highest timeline.

Deep Healing Sessions: Participate in deep plant medicine work sessions with a master healer, aimed at unlocking deeper self-awareness.

Luxury Accommodation: Enjoy your stay in luxury accommodations located on sacred ground, with all needs catered to. Your only task is to arrive and surrender.

 Private Chefs: Be energized with meals prepared by private chefs, specifically designed to boost your energy and support your transformational journey.

Comprehensive Support: Receive support through a pre-retreat preparation and a post-retreat integration meeting led by Adeyemi (Group), ensuring a holistic journey.

Community Connection: Form deep soul bonds with other high-vibration individuals and entrepreneurs, fostering a community of shared growth and support.

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Other retreats


 Large Groups
Often host up to 90 participants, creating an overwhelming energy that can be counterproductive.

 Basic Accommodations
The comfort level may be lacking, potentially affecting your overall experience.

 Lack of Integration Support 
Post-retreat support is minimal, leaving participants to navigate their transformative journey alone. This can result in repeated retreat attendance without achieving lasting change.

 Overextended Healers
Healers may be conducting sessions without adequate rest in between, leading to diminished energy and effectiveness.

 Limited Personal Attention 
The large participant numbers restrict individual care, with few opportunities for deep, personal work.

 Open Admission
Minimal screening processes mean retreats may not be tailored to the specific energetic needs of participants.

 Rushed Medicine Experience 
The focus on quantity over quality can lead to an incomplete transformational process.




✔ Limited Group Size (6-8)
We ensure a harmonious group dynamic to prevent negative energy transfer, a common issue in larger retreats.

✔ Luxury Accommodations
Your physical comfort is assured, allowing you to focus solely on your spiritual journey.

✔ Comprehensive Integration Support 
Leveraging over 30 personal experiences, we provide a proven blueprint for life-long transformation, both before and after the retreat.

✔ Best Healers
Unlike the often overworked healers elsewhere, our healers are always fully rejuvenated, ensuring they can fully channel their energy into your healing process.

✔ Flexible Session Offerings 
While others limit you to an average of two sessions, we, if wanted to go deeper, offer more, giving you ample space for deep exploration and ensuring a profound transformation.

✔ Careful Participant Screening
We meticulously select participants to foster a supportive and energetically compatible group, drawing from my extensive experience in cultivating transformative groups.

✔ Maximized Healing 
Our retreats prioritize extensive interaction with the healing process, ensuring you leave fully transformed.

✔ Energetically Charged Locations
We only choose locations with a rich energetic history, like the transformative energy vortex in Mexico and the spiritually vibrant haven in Portugal, setting a powerful backdrop for your journey.

✔ Expert Coaching On-site 
A very rare offer in the industry, our retreats feature a highly experienced coach who bridges material and spiritual success, offering guidance rooted in profound personal and professional achievement.

Our upcoming retreats


Faro Mountains


*Contact for Pricing and Earlybird Spots

Apr 20 - Apr 25 (6 Days, 5 Nights)

Algarve, Portugal

About the location: 

  • Mountain Range: Sitting atop a mountain, this retreat center boasts with powerful energy offering an elevated experience in every sense.
  • Monastic Heritage: Monks have found a haven on this mountain for hundreds of years making this place energetically charged.
  • Accelerated Manifestations: Being a mountain range, visualizations here manifest FAST (my strongest manifestations happened here).
  • Deep Connection: You'll feel more connected here than ever before, that's a promise.
  • Ayurvedic Nourishment: Enjoy the holistic touch of private chefs serving energy-boosting, Ayurvedic-inspired meals to support your transformative journey.

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S'ian Kaan Natural Reserve


*Contact for Pricing and Earlybird Spots

May 11 - May 17 (6 Days, 5 Nights)

Tulum, México

About the location: 

  • Private Beach: This 5-star location has an empty beach stretching over 5 miles (and yes, naked runs are a thing here 😉)
  • Energy Vortex: This retreat sits on one of world's 7 energy vortexes, making it a prime spot for accelerated manifestations.
  • Inner Exploration: Due to it's jungle location, you'll naturally feel the urge to look inward and transform the depths of your soul.
  • Natural Magic: The land's natural serenity eases your soul into transformation, making change feel effortless.
  • Wholesome Nourishment: Private chefs will serve meals designed to complement your journey towards self-discovery and renewal.

More details

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Your guides


Your Soul Brother

I've been immersed in spirituality for over 12 years, assisting numerous souls in making quantum leaps in their relationships, businesses, finances, and overall lives.

My first medicine retreat completely altered the direction of my life. 

I was stuck in a job I dreaded going to, my relationship was breaking and my life was...uncertain to say the least.

In the midst of all this I channeled a calling to experience plant medicine and it transformed my entire existence, which led to activating my soul on the deepest level. Right then and there, I knew I had to share this transformative experience with others. In this case, with you!


My Original Healer

I often refer to Oz as my magician. He was the pioneer in introducing me to plant medicine and stands as one of the highest vibration individuals you're likely to encounter—a true high initiate on the path of ascension.

Working with him led to a beautiful acceleration in my life. With a commitment to offering you the finest and most energetically pure facilitators, I'm thrilled to have him lead you through your own medicine journey. Simply put, you're in the hands of one of the best healers available, someone deeply equipped to help you overcome your blocks.

Hear from some of our guests...


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